Shipping is an important yet complicated business.

Companies and consumers depend on the shipping industry to carry and deliver goods and to maintain trade relations among countries. The perceived high cost of shipping combined with the difficulties of maritime trade creates the need for shipping advice.

The challenge

Businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to have their inventory moved across the world and into retail stores. Since shipping accounts for a considerable portion of the cost to the end consumer, manufacturers are careful to package their products securely so that they can complete the long journey without being damaged.

Our Role

Amongst other things, we work with clients (individuals, groups, or large companies), helping them with the shipping activities.
While this may sound simple, consultants must be well versed in laws and regulations about goods transportation. These laws can be local, state, regional or international, and can be complicated depending upon what is being shipped and where it is being shipped fro/to

The Process

The shipping industry is made up of several different types of businesses that are responsible for moving cargo around the world. One of the last quality control steps in manufacturing is to package the product so that it can be moved long distances without being damaged.

• A delivery service then takes the product to a transit hub
• The package is sent by cargo vessel, airplane, or locomotive to a storage facility.
• From there, the product travels to regional warehouses or directly to a retailer to be sold to consumers.
• Along every step of the way, the shipping industry must monitor and protect the cargo to ensure it retains its value prior to delivery at the agreed point.

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