Our core business
representation solutions

Cadesmee will act on your behalf and in accordance to your strategic preferences, thus being in the front line and ensuring that all your needs will be met. Our company will help you to achieve your desired results or need by capitalizing on the specific need you want achieved in Ghana and West Africa.

All things considered, the primary focus of any business is to acquire, keep maintain your customer and most importantly be profitable to keep your stakeholders satisfied.

Here’s how we help you do that:



Searching for new customers and clients within market we have to access


Customer Representation

Acting on your behalf when dealing with overseas/local customers and clients all depending


Business/Networking Representation

Representing your company to other businesses, networking partners and joint ventures associates.


Sales Representation

Representing and selling your products in Africa


Product Distribution

Getting your products into Ghana and West African stores or distribution channels related to your products


After-Sales Services

Providing after-sales services, including customer support for you need


Product pricing & integration

If in Trading, we will help with product integration and pricing to fit the local markets



Coordinating and representing your interest through trade shows and exhibitions


Certification & Registration

Providing all necessary legal certificates and company registration for start-up business


Human Resource

Make available a strong human resource base to meet leadership, operational and managerial skills as maybe required by your company

Other Services

We are the brand behind great brands

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