We believe that your brand is champion

Becoming a strong brand behind the brands providing value added, innovative and the highest branded premiums and incentives, carefully designed to complement our Customers Unique Marketing objectives.

By engaging with our customers, that are nationally and internationally recognized brands, we identify their unique branding needs and design and manage a brand solution.

Our core business
representation solutions

Concept & design

In collaboration with clients, Cadesmee will conceptualise and design products that will add value to your brand and ensure consistent application of your CI.

Cadesmee offers tailor-made solutions that will not only differentiate your brand from other competitors but also give you an edge over them.


Global sourcing & development

With over 23 years of operations in the sector, Cadesmee has established partenships with various international specialists and manufacturers, that ensures a supply chain stability and consistency.

These partnerships enable Cadesmee to be effective and efficient.

Branding & CI Application

With our state of the art printing and embroidery equipment, Cadesmee is able to apply variousbrands onto products in various stage of production.

Such as in: Pad Printing, Silk Screening, Sublimation, Embroidery, Flocking, Heat Transfer, Engraving, Laser Cutting, Embossing.

Product branding electronically
Product branding

Manufacturing of raw materials

By owing certain elements of the manufacturing of these raw components, we boast a peculiar understanding of the processes involved in creating the product.

From concept to creation, understanding components of raw materials and the application is paramount to the product meeting your expectations.

Corporate stores

Being a pioneer of this concept in the branding space, we set ourselves apart, by creating on-siteaccessibility for our clients and tailor-made products available at a moment's notice.

These corporatestores are stocked with brand specific products ranging from clothing to bags and gifts.

Corporate spaces

Other Services

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