Who are we?

Cadesmee International comprises of professionals with diverse functional skills in industries such as Branding, Concept creativity, manufacturing, farming, maritime, international trade, marketing, human resources, logistics and supply chain management whom are considered as partners and are both resident and off-site, readily available for our customers. A mix of youthful dynamism and experienced professionalism.

Where are we going?

Our vision at Cadesmee is to build a strong brand based on integrity and efficiency towards services and solutions in all aspects of our business portfolio.

Our Mission


Open business culture

Create a business culture which accommodates and accepts cultural diversity.


Add value to our consulting activity

Add value to our consulting     activity through clear, thorough and in-depth analysis always, with active collaboration of our customers.


Build a diverse working environment

Understand and promote a working environment where diversity is appreciated. We recognize that everyone is unique.


Commit to a global business community

Commit to a global business     community founded on collaboration and co-empowered leadership.


Promote exploration, creativity & initiative

Build an environment that breeds curiosity, exploration, creativity and initiative through committed and passionate human resource development framework.


Create a conducive work atmosphere

Create a conducive and healthy atmosphere for our conference areas and open space for educational gatherings, meetings, workshops, classes, and other similar events.

A bit more about us & our history

Our Inception

Incorporated under the Ghana Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) on 21st December 2009 by its chairman & founder Adam Imoru Ayarna as a future vehicle to drive solutions with the highest sense of integrity.

The company however commenced official business in 2013 after Adam Imoru Ayarna ended 20 years’ of operational and managerial responsibilities in International Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Project Management and Logistics within the A.P Moller- Maersk Group a truly global group.

Our People

Cadesmee International comprises of professionals with diverse functional skills in industries such as Branding, Concept creativity, Manufacturing, Farming, Maritime, International trade, Marketing, Human resources, Logistics and Supply chain management. All of whom are considered as partners and are both resident and off-site, readily available for our customers.

With a mix of youthful dynamism and experienced professionalism. We believe that experienced professionals with a good attitude provide the necessary knowledge, experience and pragmatism. We also believe that youthful dynamism contributes to vitally due to drive, out-of-the-box reasoning and ease with modern advancements, whilst the older generation supports with the required stability, wisdom and experience.

Our Name

The name came about through team work and intelligence. Three kids were tasked with coming up with a name that stands on its own with no previous use for a company;

The name had to revolve around the theme of ‘honesty & integrity’. After toying with many names they settled on one: in the belief that they were children full of honesty and integrity so why not coin something from their name based on their belief of their individual and collective qualities, they had combined their names. The result is what we now proudly know as CADESMEE

Our Colors

Studies have shown that green is the colour most associated with nature, youth, hope, life and fertility.

Green symbolises self-respect and wellbeing. It is the colour of balance and learning, growth and harmony. This colour is favoured by well-balanced people, a master healer and life force.

Balance and a sense of order are found in the colour green. Change and transformation are necessary for growth and the ability to sustain change is part of the energy of the colour green.

Individuals and groups who have integrity are safe to deal with and our choice of the colour green symbolises our quest to promote integrity in all aspects of our business and those of our clients. Green is considered a ‘safe’ colour. Doing business with Cadesmee means being in safe hands!!

Our Symbol

The strategy used in the creation of our name is tied to the symbol we chose. Being a truly Ghanaian entity and being proud of Ghana as a country, we could only choose an indigenous Ghanaian symbol. The Adinkra symbol ‘dame-dame’, (representing ‘Intelligence and Ingenuity’), was the obvious choice.

This was clearly at work when the name was formed: skill and cleverness allowed three kids to solve the name challenge that was at play, with intelligence and ingenuity. We changed and migrated from our previous adinkra symbol in 2016 to a Dove, Doves mate for life and work together to build their nest and raise their young. While birds of prey would attack their neighbours, the dove is a bird of peace, eating seeds, easily trained to eat out of the hand.

For different civilisations, the dove was a symbol of quiet innocence, a symbol of peace and long life, a representation of love, devotion, and care for a family. The dove also symbolised the peaceful soul for many cultures. The dove and olive branch appeared in Christian images of Noah’s ark. “Perpetual peace is indicated by the olive branch (oleae ramusculo) which the dove brought with it when it returned to the ark.”

Cadesmee fully associates with this and fully believe in Christlike attitude in all we do. And the transformation in our drive-in mind, body and soul has settled on this new logo in 2020 which we can consider as settled. Leading is to the new and permanent Logo!

The guidelines of our new logo describe the visual element that represents Cadesmee’s identity. These include our name, Logo and colour. Sending a consistent and controlled message of who we are essentially, representing a strong unified image of our company’s brand.

These guidelines reflect Cadesmee’s commitment to quality, innovation, consistency and style. The Cadesmee brand including the logo, name, colours and other identifying elements are a valuable company asset. Each of us is responsible for protecting the company’s interest by preventing unauthorised or incorrect use of the Cadesmee name and mark.

Our Pillars



We exhibit truthfulness in all our endeavours all the time. By eliminate personal interest in our encounter with our customers and public. We always deliver honest information irrespective of the consequence.



Build an inclusive environment to harness diversity amongst our people. Through understanding, relationship and trust  with the team to achieve leverage in team differences. Empathy with caution. Flexibility with responsibility



We’ve built trust, confidence and passion amongst team members. Appreciation of the different individual reactions to different situations. We believe teams make good leader and not the reverse. Positive Attitude towards all



The world bestows its prices in honours and monies for but one thing and that is initiative. And what is initiative. Initiative is defined in Cadesmee as “doing the right things without being told”



A strong moral principle based on honesty and stick to the principle religiously. Establishing truth amongst employees & clients. Give Unbiased advice. Deliver desired results not just results. Humility in Service

Adam Imoru Ayarna

Adam Imoru Ayarna

Founder of Cadesmee

The primary objective is to encourage integrity in the day to day business environment and transactions in general business. The challenge is on, and Adam is always looking for opportunities to assist both small and medium sized companies to be more professional and effective in their activities, by sharing the need for strong principles and values in all that is executed as a service to an individual or groups. This is the challenge Adam Imoru Ayarna will continue to encourage, to last through generations. His passion for people and the willingness to share acquired knowledge in business led him to access at great personal cost, a premise where mentorship is the hallmark.

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